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One IT Services and Solutions provide ICT support to schools in respect of hardware, software and network administration, installation and maintenance.
The core purpose being to assist the delivery of the schools ICT strategy by ensuring the development and delivery of quality ICT services in Primary schools, Secondary schools and Academies.
These services are delivered by in house teams and through contracts with strategic partners.

One IT SS currently provide ICT support to

  • 48 Primary Schools in Stockton
  • 18 Primary Schools in Middlesbrough
  • 9 Primary Schools in Redcar
  • 8 Primary Schools in Sunderland
  • 3 Primary Schools in Hartlepool
  • 1 Secondary Schools in Stockton
  • 1 Secondary School in Redcar
  • 1 Pupil Referral Unit in Stockton
  • 3 Pupil Referral Units in Middlesbrough
  • 31 Academies in Stockton
  • 22 Academies in Middlesbrough
  • 12 Academies in Redcar
  • 9 Academies in Sunderland
  • 1 Academy in Hartlepool
  • 1 Academy in North Yorkshire
  • 8 Academy in Durham
  • 2 Special Schools in Middlesbrough

This includes 450 servers across 140 sites, 100% of Primary school servers are virtualised, 100% of Secondary school servers are virtualised. 90% of the data centre servers are also virtualised.

This covers approximately 20,000 workstations, incorporating 1000 Apple macs, over 7,000 staff users and over 42,000 student users.

We have tried to make this site as friendly as possible and update it on a regular basis, but if you would like to ask a question or request additional resources on the site, please feel free to drop the team an email at helpdesk@oneitss.org.uk

Assisting the delivery of ICT strategies