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Latest News:

21/08/2019 – OCR Drama J316A and J316B
Exam Board: 
Region: Any school in any region who has students entered for this qualification
Issue: When importing a result file for students who are expecting grades and marks for OCR J316A or J316B Drama, the error “Result not in range defined for the aspect” will be recorded in the import activity log.  This is because the current basedata has the maximum and minimum marks both set to zero and the incoming result file has a mark outside this range.  Only results for this specific qualification for OCR in this file will be impacted, all other incoming results should import fine.
Advice: OCR will be issuing new Basedata on their website which will need to be refreshed in Exams Organiser as soon as possible.

21/08/2019 – WJEC English Endorsements
Exam Board: 
Region: Any school in any region who has students entered for qualifications in English with Endorsements
Issue: Errors received upon import
Advice: Download and refresh Version 2 of the basedata for series 6G19_40 (link available here)

Exam Board: Pearson.
Issue: Result file not importing.
Notes: Pearson have issued some test files, (as in system test not exam test) which end in the extension .x99. They are not required to be imported into Exams Organiser, if attempting to do so, the user will receive an error. There is no requirement to import these test files.

Exam Board: All
Advice: In advance of the Double Award GCSE results next week, we have issued KB-481520 on how Exams Organiser displays grades like 99 and 98.


KB-481520 – Double Grades on Candidate Statement of Results
When running the Candidate Statement of Results report in Examinations Organiser, if a student has a GCSE Double Award Grade, the Grade will display in a different format. For example, 99 instead of 9-9.
See Solution
At present, Examinations Organiser reports will always use the Gradeset Short Code. In this instance, the GCSE Double Grades are in the format of 99, 98, 88, etc… and this cannot be changed. We are looking to change this in the next Generation of Exams.


28/05/2019 – Explanation and Demonstration of how to refresh basedata
As the exams result season draws closer, there can be confusion with users on how to be successful in refreshing exams basedata.  A recent meeting with OCR and WJEC also identified that awarding organisation also are confused by this process in Exams Organiser 6.  This video helps explain how this completed.   

10/05/2019 – Exams Pod Cast
To help customers understand what’s going to be available in the summer release of the software, we have put together some pod casts that are available on the SIMS Customer Success Resource Hub.