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Website Support/Designs

We offer:

Hosting of your school website on a secure server.
All security updates will be applied to this server which is monitored regularly.
The connection to the internet from this server is at least a gigabit.
Advice and guidance will be provided on the development of the school website.
Up to date documentation and user manuals will be provided.
Support will be provided to the school when updating the school website.
The school can attend one website drop-in session free of charge.
We will attend meetings at the school to discuss the website with the school.
We will update information on the website on behalf of the school including staff changes, newsletters and photos up to a maximum of 1 day (7 hours) per year.
All calls for support will be logged electronically.
The software used to design and set up school websites is wordpress/azure.
We are able to host your school website in the cloud.


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