MIS Year Ends

We have now started taking bookings for MIS year ends so please get in touch if you’d like assistance. Contact details can be found here. This year, we’re offering the option of a remote year end or a visit so please let us know which you’d prefer.

If you have a Level 2 or Level 3 SIMS/MIS Service Level Agreement, then you receive this service as part of that agreement.

If you are only on Level 1 SIMS/MIS SLA you will have to pay for this service at a cost of £40 an hour (it usually takes a minimum of 2 hours).

If you are using Bromcom or Scholarpack and would like some assistance then please email Cheryl.todd@oneitss.org.uk

For those of you who wish to give the year end a go yourself the documentation will be available here on our website shortly: http://www.oneitss.org.uk/year-ends/