Ransomware Email (Virus)

Please be aware that a ransomware email is being circulated at the minute, which is targeting Schools and Colleges across the country.

In response, we are endeavouring to put things in place to mitigate its circulation however please be cautious of any email you’re not 100% sure of its origin.


What Should I do?

Look out for the currently known virus email address: cyber@firemail.cc

If you have an email from this address, please delete it immediately.

Under No circumstances should you select or open any links or attachments or enter your username or password into an email of this nature.

You should never enter your username/password from an email link unless you are 100% sure where the email came from.



If you’re not 100% confident on the email’s authenticity or you’re unsure or inadvertently type something by mistake, please contact the One IT Helpdesk Immediately.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please speak with your One IT Support Engineer or Email the Helpdesk.