Coronavirus Updates

We wanted to let you know:

With the announcement of another government meeting about the coronavirus and potential school closures we want to make you aware of things we can put in place to allow staff to work at home and also if necessary students.


How can we sort this for Staff?

Any decent specification laptop in school can be set up with Direct Access (DA) for staff, this needs to be done in advance as they need to log on to the school network before they can take it home.


What is the cost for Direct Access?

There is normally a charge for Direct Access, but if devices are added as a temporary measure for this purpose only and are removed once schools open again then this service will be free.


What if you don’t have a laptop?

Office 365 users can use OneDrive and Teams to access work and collaborate on any device.

To access these resources users must have an active school Office 365 email account.

Can we do anything for Students?

There is also the option of setting up email accounts for students e.g. Year 6, if you wanted staff to allocate them work to do while they are off to keep up with work for SATs.


Remote support?

All One IT staff are available to provide IT support from home as we all have remote access and we will be sending an email with direct contact numbers for schools to ring if they are working at home and need support.


Like more Info?

If you have any questions or would like to know more please speak with your One IT Support Engineer or contact the Helpdesk.