School Census in Arbor

Census Date: Thursday 16th May 2024
Attendance collected from 01/01/2024 Attendance collected to 31/03/2024
Suspensions and permanent exclusions collected from 01/08/2023 Suspensions and permanent exclusions collected to 31/03/2024
AP Placements collected from 18/01/2024 AP Placements collected to 16/05/2024
*FSM collected from
19/01/2024 FSM collected to
Funding and Monitoring collected from
01/08/2023 Funding and Monitoring collected to
**Learning Support collected from 01/08/2023 Learner Support collected to 16/05/2024

*Only collected for on roll pupils not leavers
**Secondary schools only

Early Years Funding

  • School Census Summer 2024 is the first school census where data will be collected that includes children receiving the ‘expanded’ DfE funding of early years.
  • ‘30-hour code’ changed to ‘Eligibility code’.
  • Further information can be found in your Early Years Portal or from your LA.


Please note:

The census dry run on Arbor will open from Thursday 2nd May 2024.

Useful Documentation

Arbor Census Guides

The DfE school census website can be found here.

Acceptable Notepad entries can be found here.

Errors and Resolutions

Arbor have a dedicated page on their help centre for any error and query codes. Please click here to visit this page.

Submitting Your Census

Stockton Borough Council – Submitting to Information and Improvement

Click here for instructions on preparing for your census.

Please contact Information and Improvement if you’re unsure how to submit your census to them.


Academies and Collect

For Academies please note that you need to submit your file to DfE via collect as well as the local authority. Information can be found in the appropriate completing the census in SIMS document. DfE guidance can be found here.

Click here to view acceptable notepad entries for Collect.


We will post any updates here as and when we receive them from Arbor.