Pro-Active Monitoring

At One IT, we aim to give all our customers the best possible experience and uptime of their critical IT systems. We have in place a 24/7/365 monitoring system for Servers and Broadband lines in all schools so we know immediately if there is an outage and can also predict issues before they happen. This allows us to pro-actively conduct repairs before any issues occur.


Critical Faults

We operate a rota of engineers who are on standby during business hours to immediately respond to any critical faults such as a server being offline or a broadband fault should any occur.

Where a fault happens out of hours, for example a server going offline at 2am, we automatically allocate a ticket to the first engineer available at 8am to attend site and take remedial action, in many cases engineers are already on route to site before customers notice an issue.


Minor Faults / Pro-active monitoring

Our engineers monitor servers for any sign of a fault and pro-actively conduct repairs. For example, if a server develops an issue with a hard disk, or we detect a pending failure, our team will attend site and replace the drive immediately. Due to the nature of the redundancy and fault tolerance in the Dell servers we use, this replacement is zero-downtime and completely transparent to end users. Another example may be that a customer is running low on disk space on a virtual server, we would simply connect to the server remotely and extend the storage; again, this is zero downtime and allows customers to continue to work without disruption.

We also predict storage trends, so if we can see that a customer is consuming 20GB of data per month and only has 100GB available on the server we can let them know ahead of time that they may need to perform some housekeeping on data, or purchase an extra hard disk for the server. This allows customers to budget for any extra storage that may be required and cuts down on unexpected costs.