Office 365 – Secure eMail

What is Secure eMail
Encrypted e-mail is the process of securing sensitive emails so that no one can intercept them and read the contents


How much does it cost?
All One IT supported schools using Office 365 get this for free. Charity’s will need to pay a small charge per user to be able to use this service however this is heavily discounted by Microsoft. Please call our Helpdesk for a quote


How do I send a secure eMail?
Sending a secure e-Mail is very easy, all schools can do this immediately simply by entering any of the following key words anywhere in the subject line of an email that you are sending or replying to. We have included a number of variants to accommodate multiple customer needs and to help make sending secure emails as easy as possible (Especially from mobile devices) but we would recommend just using “Secure” or “Encrypt”

Recommended Alternatives
Secure (Secure) (Encrypt) (S) (E)
{Secure} {Encrypt} {S} {E}
Encrypt [Secure] [Encrypt] [S] [E]
<Secure> <Encrypt> <S> <E>

*** Note that the key words are NOT case sensitive ***


What does a secure eMail look like?
Secure emails will be delivered to the recipient in this format. You need to click the attachment in order or be taken to the secure email.

As always, even if you receive an email in the format below please use caution when opening any attachments, especially if the sender is unknown


How to I open a secure eMail?
If you receive a secure email in reply to a secure email you have sent, or if you receive a secure email from another user in your school (and in most cases a school in the same local authority / academy trust as you) the encryption will automatically be removed so you don’t need to do anything. This is a transparent feature for easy use and convenience. If the email is then sent outside of your school /academy trust / local authority and it still has the encryption tag in the subject line it will automatically be re-encrypted

If you receive a secure email from another school or business you will be given a file attachment to open. You will then be required to sign in using your email address and password in order to open the email


Is Office 365 compliant with G-Cloud / Safe Harbor?
Yes, Office 365 is fully compliant. For detailed information on the full security and compliance of Office 365 please refer to the Microsoft Trust Centre for a full list of accreditations


Where can I get more help?
The One IT Helpdesk or your schools support engineer are able to provide guidance and training on using secure emails. Please call the helpdesk or contact your school support engineer for more details.