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One IT has carefully evaluated and selected technology solutions to help schools meet their student safety and well-being obligations. We have negotiated highly competitive pricing, trained our technical engineers to ensure they know the product inside and out, and can help tailor the solutions to meet your needs

 KCSIE: Schools are obliged to ensure that appropriate filters and monitoring systems are in place to limit exposure to online risk.

 OneIT recommends Securly Filter a web filtering solution that meets the schools’ obligations under KCSIE and PREVENT and offers simple-to-use reporting. Securly web filter is a cloud-based solution, which enables schools to filter any device type in any location, in school, and at home. We have chosen it because it is affordable, simple to use, integrates with Microsoft and Google environments, and is a base platform for an exceptional range of student safety solutions.

.KCSIE: All staff should be aware that technology is a significant component in many safeguarding and wellbeing issues.

 OneIT includes Securly Aware Lite free of charge within its filtering provision. Aware Lite uses AI to scan students’ search and browsing activity for indications of suicide, depression, violence, and bullying. Instant alerts are provided to DSLs and selected teaching staff enabling timely intervention and support.

 KCSIE: School staff should also be prepared to identify children who may benefit from early help.

 OneIT recommends that schools consider upgrading to Securly Aware Premium to help track school-wide student wellness levels and identify individual students who are struggling or whose wellness levels are on a downward trend.

 Aware Premium extends scanning and alerting to virtually all internet activity including Microsoft and Google documents drive and email and extends its reach into images looking for inappropriate nudity.

 It generates wellness scores for each pupil and alerts student safety staff on negative changes in wellness levels. Schools gain access to a dashboard which charts individual wellness and whole school wellness levels, identifying at risk students. Aware Premium also offers proactive tools to reduce bullying and promote student support and self help resources to at risk students 

 A service is also available to help busy staff by evaluating alerts and providing notification, by email and phone call where urgent action is needed.

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