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Updated 17/09/2020 10:40 Change to the reporting of English GCSE Prior Attainment achievement

The DfE uses the English GCSE Prior Attainment achievement values of ‘Achieved by end of year 11’, ‘Achieved since year 11’ and ‘Not achieved’ for what they refer to as ‘block 2’ funding. However, for the purposes of this funding, achievement of prior attainment in English must be taken to mean achievement of English Language GCSE prior attainment and must not take account of English Literature GCSE. With this in mind the DfE has changed it’s CBDS (Common Basic Date Set) for this item to refer to ‘English Language’ rather than ‘English’.

The DfE has pointed out that both English Language AND English Literature remain relevant for the ‘condition of funding’.

With the above in mind, from the Summer Release 2020 onwards, capita will change the heading for this column in Tools | Statutory Returns Tools | Update Prior Attainment to refer to ‘English Language Prior Attainment’ rather than ‘English Prior Attainment’ and modify our ‘Populate from Exams’ calculation in line with this.

The exclusion of English Literature for ‘block 2’ funding was also the case for academic year 2019/20, so the DfE expects this be taken into account when reporting on 2019/20 as well as 2020/21 in School Census Autumn 2020.

For example, if a student achieved grade 3 GCSE English Language and grade 5 English Literature by the end of their year 11 they may well have been reported as achieving English Priory Attainment by the end of year 11 for School Census Autumn 2019, but this would not be the case for achieving English Language Prior Attainment for School Census Autumn 2020.

Added 10/09/2020 19:10 Possible issue when the Planned End Date stored for Post-16 Programme of Study is written to the return file 

When a school clicks on ‘Calculate Programmes of Study’ in the Post-16 Programme of Study application (Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Post-16 Programme of Study) the Planned End Date for the programme will reflect the latest planned end date for the pupils membership of their courses in Maintain Course.  The planned end date stored in the Post-16 Programme of Study is then written directly to the return file when the school clicks on Create & Validate in the census application.

On the face of it, writing of planned end dates directly from the Post-16 Programme of Study application seems to be justified in all circumstances, but this has turned out not to be case, as some of you will have discovered in your dry runs when validation error 2905 is triggered.  This validation is triggered when a pupil has a learning aim with a planned end data that is after the planned end date of the programme to which it ‘belongs’.

There are two main ways in which this can occur.

Firstly, when calculating the learning aims panel of the census application the school may have opted to use the planned end date reported to the DfE in the previous year’s census.

Routines | Statutory Returns | School Census  

Secondly, once the learning aims panel has been calculated the school may have decided to correct one or more of the planned end dates in the learning aims panel.

Routines | Statutory Returns | School Census  

Schools can already solve this problem by using the bulk update facilities of the Post-16 Programme of Study application to change the programme planned end date in line with the learning aims planned end date in the Learning Aims panel of the census application.

Tools | Academic Management | Course Manager | Post-16 Programme of Study

However, some schools may find this confusing so Capita are looking into providing a patch to deal with this issue.  The patch would change Create & Validate in the census application so the programme planned end dates are moved forward as necessary to be in line with the learning aim planned end date in the census application’s learning aims panel.

If Capita are able to provide such a patch, it would be safe for all schools apply, but it will only by absolutely necessary where the issue is triggering validation error 2905.  See graphic at the start of the newsfeed item.


Added 07/09/2020 17:40 Issue when populating Prior Attainment from exams data (schools with 6th forms only)

When the user clicks on Populate from Exams, the Maths Highest Grade field for students should only be concerned with Maths results, as was the case in previous years.  Unfortunately, the complex changes with have had to make for the English results aspect of this calculation has led to a confusion in our coding that means that where a student has achieved a higher grade for English lang/lit than for Maths, the highest English lang/lit grade is being added instead of the highest Maths grade.

For example, if I check Samantha’s relevant exam results and find that her highest grade for Maths is 4 and her highest grade for English Lit/Lang is grade 5, clicking on Populate from Exams should result in the following data being calculated as shown in image 1 below.