About Us

Hardware Support

The key offerings are to provide:

•    Design, configuration, installation and support of whole school networks incorporating where appropriate server virtualisation.

•    Advice and guidance on wireless device implementation tailored to the school environment.

•    Help and support with Microsoft Office systems.

•    An email system for staff and students.

•    Apple Mac support including integration with Windows networks.

•    Advice and guidance in the use of Cloud computing.

•    Management and support of schools anti virus systems.

•    A central backup solution so all data is backup up off site.

•    Management and control of central schools data centre.

•    A secure remote access solution for school staff to access files securely from home.

•    Displosal and recycling service for hardware.

•    eSecurity to ensure that the systems in place are secure.

System Support

The key offerings are to provide:

•   Advice support and guidance in the use of MIS systems including associated add on’s eg school dinner money, communication systems and VLE integration.

•   MIS system training.

•   Advice on, and the purchasing of hardware/ software with a view to best value.

•   Website hosting design support and development.

•   Help Desk service providing first line support and instant resolution of problems, this includes recording all calls.

•   Database administration support and management.

•   Off site backup and recovery service of all MIS data.