Remote Working

If you are looking for a fast, easy to use and cost effective way of working from home or any other remote location then we have 2 remote access systems that can offer just that


Direct Access

With Direct Access you get the same end user experience on your laptop as you would if you were connected to the network in school.

Direct Access automatically creates a highly secure connection to the One IT Central Datacentre that then connects to your schools server via the One IT Network. Because this connection is automatic all you have to do is turn on your laptop and login with your school username and password. It really is that simple

With Direct Access you automatically get your schools mapped drives, access to your documents and also SIMS as well as finance packages that traditionally you had to be in school in order to access


Remote Access

Remote Access is great for people on the go or who don’t have school laptops. Because Remote Access is web based you can use it from any machine with internet access*

With Remote Access you can connect securely to a centrally hosted server farm hosted in the One IT Central Datacentre. From here your mapped drives are automatically available as are your documents. You can also access Microsoft Office and SIMS as well as several other common applications

  • Please Note: Remote Access requires Internet Explorer and at least Windows 7 in order to work*


How cost effective is Remote Working?

The cost for each system is £21 per user for the first year then £5.25 per year after that. Recharges are made in line with your schools annual support agreement and you can add in users at any time