Capita SIMS Webinars

Advice for Secondary Schools on collecting Estimated Grades for Exams in 2020

Customising the SIMS Home Page to support your role

Demonstrating the quality and effectiveness of education provision, pupil care and welfare for inspection in Independent Schools

FMS Top Tips

HOSTED SIMS: SIMS ID for Site Admins

How the SIMS Parent App can support homework within school

How to keep pupil attendance data up to date in the event of staff absences

How to produce Exam Results Analysis

Introduction on how to link SIMS with Power BI for absolute beginners

Introduction to SIMS for new Admin Staff

Managing Admissions in SIMS for Maintained Schools

Moving forward using SIMS and Power BI to produce interactive data dashboards

Nova-T6: Preparing for scheduling

Overview of the SIMS Teacher App

Parent App: An overview of the key features

Preparing for the Next Academic Year

Simplifying access to your online services for your parents, staff and students

SIMS & Safeguarding

SIMS and Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework

SIMS Housekeeping Routines

SIMS Independent: How SIMS Registrations & Admissions can assist with marketing to attract and select the right pupils

SIMS Independent: Preparing for the Next Academic Year with Fees Billing

SIMS Top Tips for Teachers

Temporary Timetables for Social Distancing Nova

The benefits of CommandLine reporter to automate SIMS reports

Using a temporary timetable in SIMS

Using Options online to manage choices effectively for students and parents

Using SIMS Programme of Study for Curriculum Planning

Using SIMS Reporting & Excel for insightful analysis and informing strategic decision making

Using SIMS to keep in contact with your parents and pupils-students through enforced school closures

Utlilising the SEN area in SIMS