Autumn Census Dates – October 2021

Census Date: Thursday 7th October 2021
Attendance collected from 05/04/2021 Attendance collected to 31/07/2021
Exclusions collected from*1 01/01/2021 Exclusions collected to*1 31/07/2021
FSM collected from 21/05/2021 FSM collected to 07/10/2021
Learner Support collected from*2 N/A Learner Support collected to*2 N/A
Funding and Monitoring collected from
01/08/2021 Funding and Monitoring collected to


*1 Permanent exclusions only collected if final review exists.

*2 Secondary schools only.


Errors and Resolutions

Capita have produced a help guide which addresses a variety of errors…should you encounter any.  These errors are listed by their error code in the document attached and correspond with the one shown in SIMS in the errors and queries section of your return. Click here to see the document.

Submitting Your Census

Stockton Borough Council – Submitting to Information and Improvement

Click here for instructions on preparing for your census.

Click here for instructions on how to submit your census to Information and Improvement.

Please note: Due to the decomissioning of the Extranet, you will need to contact Information and Improvement if you’re unsure how to submit your census to them.


Academies and Collect

For Academies please note that you need to submit your file to DfE via collect as well as the local authority. Information can be found in the appropriate completing the census in SIMS document. DfE guidance can be found here.

Click here to view acceptable notepad entries for Collect.


Error 1897
Unfortunately, a bug has been found in the XSLT which was sent to software suppliers. The error will not trigger if planned hours, maths and English highest prior attainment, including funding exemption has been returned for a student who left last term. Along with programme and learning aims, only the previous years planned hours, previous maths and English highest prior attainment grade and maths and English language GCSE prior attainment at end of year 11 are required for this cohort. Please note this error will trigger correctly when the return is uploaded onto COLLECT and must be resolved as it may impact on 16-19 funding allocations.

Table 26 school summary
It has come to our attention Table 26 of the school summary is not populating the pupil numbers. Unfortunately, it is too late to issue a new XSLT, apologies for any inconvenience this will cause.

Software supplier issue
We have been notified that if a pupil was not attending school during the summer term due to either being stuck abroad where the nation has travel restrictions in place (Code Y) or were self-isolating (Code X) that the number of possible sessions are not pulling through. The software supplier will provide a resolution as soon as possible. Please note for such cases the pupil will trigger E2500, E2510, E2575 and E2579 a notepad entry is not acceptable, the number of possible sessions should be recorded as 0 not ‘blank’.

Notepad entries
It is important that when providing a notepad entry that the validation number is included in the text and that schools adhere to the notepad entry guidance.
This will allow the DfE to process returns to authorisation efficiently.
Please note if providers have more than one query, only one notepad is required to cover all queries. For example:
4007q, 1991q, 2906q confirmed as correct. TonT4D ‘school confirms that no pupils were eligible for FSM last term’.

22/09/2021 – Fileset 1903 Update from ESS

Updated 22 Sep 20:20 Fileset 1903 (England)

Our current ETA for Fileset 1903 is Monday 27th September.  However, we understand that the DfE has a revised version of its validation file nearly ready for release, so we may delay our release of Fileset 1903 so we can include this revised validation.

15/09/2021 – New Funding and Monitoring Area for Census

This area of Census will be available after applying Workstation Patch 1 and Fileset 1901. We will be applying these to our supported schools as soon as possible.

As you may know the DfE has introduced a new section in the XML return file, which they refer to as FAM (Funding and Monitoring), for collecting the funding and monitoring data required for the DfE education recovery initiative.  We will be of providing data entry/editing in line with this DfE structure via adding a new Update Funding and Monitoring menu route in Tools | Statutory Returns Tools.

The Tools | Statutory Returns Tools | Update Funding and Monitoring menu route will provide data entry and editing functionality for the following new pupil fields.  The two post-16 fields will not be relevant to primary schools, so we are looking to hide these fields when the new menu route is used by a primary school.

  • 16-19 Tuition Fund
  • Repeating Year 13
  • School Led Tutoring
  • Cumulative Hours for School Led Tutoring as at Autumn Census
  • Cumulative Hours for School Led Tutoring as at Spring Census
  • Cumulative Hours for School Led Tutoring as at Summer Census

The list of pupils will be restricted to those who are on roll on the relevant census reference date plus pupils who left between 01/08/2021 and the relevant census reference date (inclusive).

Filters will be included to identify particular groups of pupils who are likely to be involved with particular aspects of the education recovery funding, e.g. Deprivation Pupil Premium.

The following are some screen mock-ups to give you an idea of how this will look.

How to complete funding and monitoring section of census

Funding and Monitoring


School Led Tutoring


16 to 19 Tuition Fund


Repeating Year 13




Fileset 1902 will be made available early next week (22nd Sept 2021). We will be applying this to our supported schools as soon as it becomes available. Your census may show error F100 until you have this fileset applied.


Please click here to see information about changes to Pupil Premium allocations for 2021-2022.

Census in Bromcom

Click here to view Bromcom census guidance.

Census in Arbor

Click here to view Arbor census guidance.

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