Summer Census Dates – May 2021

Census Date: Thursday 20th May 2021
Attendance collected from 01/01/2021 Attendance collected to 04/04/2021
Exclusions collected from*1 01/08/2020 Exclusions collected to*1 04/04/2021
FSM collected from 22/01/2021 FSM collected to 20/05/2021
Learner Support collected from*2 01/08/2020 Learner Support collected to*2 20/05/2021


*1 Permanent exclusions only collected if final review exists.

*2 Secondary schools only.


Errors and Resolutions

Capita have produced a help guide which addresses a variety of errors…should you encounter any.  These errors are listed by their error code in the document attached and correspond with the one shown in SIMS in the errors and queries section of your return. Click here to see the document.

Submitting Your Census

Stockton Borough Council – Submitting to Information and Improvement

Click here for instructions on preparing for your census.

Click here for instructions on how to submit your census to Information and Improvement.

Please note: Due to the decomissioning of the Extranet, you will need to contact Information and Improvement if you’re unsure how to submit your census to them.


Academies and Collect

For Academies please note that you need to submit your file to DfE via collect as well as the local authority. Information can be found in the appropriate completing the census in SIMS document. DfE guidance can be found here.

Click here to view acceptable notepad entries for Collect.


School Census Error 1920

**Please check KB0022972 & install Fileset 1802 before proceeding with the information below.**

Pupils leaving data is either missing, before entry date or equal to or after census date

It appears that the census is not pulling through the Date of Leaving (DOL) for Subsidiary Dual registered pupils – all other data is being included.

Currently, we don’t believe this is a validation issue as the DOL is missing from the detailed reports & UNA/XML.

We are currently working on a fix for this issue. Further details regarding this fix will be published as soon as it is confirmed from our development teams.


Routines | Statutory Returns | School CensusError 1920 is appearing in the return: “Pupils leaving date is either missing or is either before entry date or equal to or after census date.”


All phases except Nursery  A leaving date must be entered for students who have left the School. Go to Focus | Pupil/Student| Pupil/Student Details and change the Status to ‘Any’. Open the record for the student receiving the error and go to Panel 11 School History. Enter their correct Date of Leaving, Reason for Leaving and any other applicable information.If these details are already entered then check these do not conflict with their Admission Date in Panel 2 Registration. Their Date of Leaving must be after they were admitted to the School.
Additional Comments

If the above has been checked and the student details are correct, then this error can be due to a change in School details. Go to Focus | School | School Details and the School’s details will have changed on a certain date. When the details change, the School Census collects data from this date and recognises it as the Admission Date for students because it will not collect historical data from before the details changed.This will cause error 1920 because the date the details change will be after the student’s actual Date of Leaving. You will need to raise this with the DfE and confirm if they will accept this error. If this is occurring for students with Learning Aims data this will need to be submitted so you must ensure the DfE will accept this. They may allow the dates of admissions to be manually changed on COLLECT so that error 1920 is resolved upon upload.

Fileset 1802 has now been made available. We will be applying this to our supported schools over the next few days. Please see previous update for the affected validation rules.


Version 1.7 of the DfE validation and summary report files

Version 1.7 of the DfE validation and summary report files were provided to suppliers on Friday the 23rd April and we will make these available ASAP via Fileset 1802.

I have compared version 1.5 and 1.7 of the DfE validation and have found the following changes relevant to School Census Summer 2021.

Census Reference Date changed from 20/05/2020 to 20/05/2021

This impacts the following validation rules:

  • 100: Check the Header Reference Date
  • 1320Q: Please check: Free meals taken exceeds total eligible pupils
  • 1570: Unique learner number must be provided for pupils aged 14 and over on census day
  • 1762: Periods of free school meal eligibility that started after the Census Day should not be included in the return
  • 1763: Periods of FSM eligibility must be in a specific period
  • 1741: Service Child Free School Meals invalid, 1880: Pupil’s Entry Date after Census Date or missing
  • 1920: Leaving Date must be present and must before Census Date and after or = Entry Date
  • 1925Q: Pupil no longer on roll [should] only present for specific conditions
  • 2510: For pupil no longer on roll the attendance sessions possible is missing or invalid, must be greater than or equal to zero

List of LAs extended to include 940 (North Northamptonshire) and 941 (West Northamptonshire)

This impacts the following validation rule:

  • 1530: UPN invalid [as characters] 2-4 [are] not a recognised LA code

Validation rule added

  • 2531: Sessions possible must be equal to the total of all attendance and absence sessions

Validation rules corrected

  • 2530: Total [attendance] sessions missed must be < = Sessions Possible
  • 2502: Zero Attendance Sessions Possible recorded for pupil on roll


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